9 Questions To Ask before Choosing A Ground Transportation Vendor

Choosing the right ground transportation can be difficult, but the decision is one of the most important you’ll make for several reasons. First, the safety and security of your employees is paramount. Nothing should take precedence over their lives, not even saving money. Lowering costs of ground transportation for your company is the next important point on the list, so reconciling the two points can be difficult. To help make the research easier, we’ve compiled a list of nine questions you must ask before choosing a chauffeured car service.

  1. What is your cancellation policy? There will come a time when ground transportation service will need to be canceled or rescheduled, and the best companies to work with are the ones that handle these events with patience and understanding. You can expect cancellation fees in many cases so take notes on who offers the best policies, The best sedan and bus service simply allow rescheduling for another date and don’t penalize unless time constraints are an issue.
  2. Do you handle group events? As a corporate travel manager, there may come times when group events will be scheduled. A ground transportation company that handles group events on a regular basis will be better equipped to meet your needs than a company that just purchased the first bus for its fleet. Understanding the bus service’s history will help you better plan corporate travel.
  3. Do you work with affiliates? A ground transportation company with affiliates can offer you more services over a wider geographic area, making that company a superior choice over those who operate without an affiliate network. Affiliates can cover anything from other ground transportation companies to hotels, event arenas, and restaurants. Choosing a company with a robust affiliate network means your menu of services grows exponentially.
  4. What services do you provide? This may seem like a silly question, but it’s important to know what your chosen company can do for you. If your company takes regular group trips, you’ll need a company with buses. If you require concierge services for your busy executives, make sure that’s part of the deal.
  5. What is your rate structure? Many Companies offer flat rates for services, but you should investigate these prices fully before committing. Check for hidden fees for mileage, fuel, additional labor, and many other things you may not have considered. If you are quoted prices per mile or per hour, be sure you understand what happens if the trip exceeds the reserved time. Understanding rates will help you choose the company that best fits your financial needs.
  6. What areas do you serve? It is important to note what areas your chosen ground transportation company serves so you’re not surprised by elevated fees, or worse, a canceled trip. Before you choose a car service in any given city, be sure the pick-up point and destination are covered under the service areas. The same goes for any group trips you may plan. If you choose a company that never travels out of the city you could get a shock when it comes time to plan the corporate retreat.
  7. What insurance do you carry? The Department of Transportation requires ground transportation companies to carry adequate insurance for all fleet vehicles and the passengers, but many business try to operate without paying the premiums. You have a right to see the insurance documentation before you agree to any contracts, so don’t take another step until you’ve verified that your employees will always be covered in the event of an accident.
  8. What is your maintenance schedule? As a money-saving measure, many round transportation companies may put off regular maintenance or stretch the times between repairs and preventive measure. You should always feel free to verify that your chosen company keeps all vehicles in top shape at all times, whether you intend to make use of the entire fleet or not.
  9. What happens if a car breaks down with company employees inside? Every company should have emergency procedures and contingency plans in place for this possibility, and those procedures should take the clients into consideration above all else. Ensure they have the ability to bring a new vehicle immediately to continue the journey, and if not, consider taking your business elsewhere.

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